Best Practice Filing Tips


Our Team at Easi-File is all about making life easier for you, that's why we wanted to share some of our best practice filing tips. 

1. Pre-Labeling Services. Its as Easi as 1,2,3

1. Send us a list of your details you require on your folders.                     
 2. We then apply the labels to the folders you use.
3. We’ll ship them back to you ready to use!


2. Streamline your filing practices with out new 4-Part-Folder

It allows you to have up to 4 different document categories in the one folder. Perfect for those who need to file away many types of documents, but wants to keep them separate from each other.  

3. Save space with our slim line and versatile Easi-Archive box.

Our slim line designed achieve boxes allow you to maximise your shelving space by increasing 2 bulky boxes in a standard 900mm shelving bay to a total of 5 Easi-Archive boxes!!

4. Neaten up your filing folders with our Toast Racks

Our toast racks will ensure that all your filing folders are organised and standing upright for simple identification. They are compatible with the entire Easi-File range and suit all shelving units and desk tops!

5. Reduce your Lever Arch File Space by HALF using our 435EHW Heavy Weight Folders!

Our range of 435 Extra Heavy Weight Folders holds up to 400 sheets of paper and comes in a range of 12 different colours. They allow you to fit 10 of our folders into half the space of 10 bulky lever arch files.