Shelving & Relocation

Storage Systems

Easi-File can help you with all of your storage needs, our team is available to provide expert advice on your existing storage system. We can help minimise your storage footprint to ensure optimum use of available space. Our layout advice will also streamline your file retrieval processes. We have a range of shelving, cabinets & compactus units available speak to our friendly staff to arrange a consultation.

Removal & Relocation Services

Space Planning;

If you’re planning a move to a new office location talk to us, we can liaise with your team, architect and or designer to ensure that your filing system makes the most effective use of your new floor space. Lateral filing systems can be a great space saving solution. 

Packing & Dismantling;

Once your new office space is ready our team can code and pack your files away ready to move. We can also dismantle your existing shelving units if you wish to utilise them in your new premises.


We will take your existing shelving units to your new premises and rebuild them as per your plans, alternatively if you’ve decided to invest in a new shelving system we’ll provide and install it.


Once your shelving system is installed or rebuilt in your new premises our team will unpack all of your files into the shelving as per your specific filing system. Ensuring that your office relocation is efficient and streamlined and best of all a stress free experience for your staff.

With over 25 years’ experience you can be sure that we’ll take the pain out of relocating your filing systems, talk to one of our team about how we can help!